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My name is Harris Vamvakas and I am an architect, currently living in Athens. I graduated from the University of Thessaly in July 2019 where I successfully acquired my masters degree in Architecture. In 2014 I had the first taste of professional experience as a short-time intern at Architectural studio 149, a renowned firm in Volos. In 2015 I participated in a student exchange programme at BME university in Budapest. There I was fascinated by the multicultural environment between exchange students and solidified my interest in urban design topics. Two years later, I moved to Rotterdam in order to work at Architects for Urbanity. After carrying out a variety of demanding projects and competitions in AfU, I undoubtedly enhanced my architectural skills and knowledge at a professional level. At the same time, living in the dynamically-developed city of Rotterdam had a strong impact on broadening my architectural perception.

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