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By the Danube

A boutique hotel interfacing with the river's tide

Design Studio Project

BME University, Budapest

Kádár Bálint

Pinar Araci, Tanya Gurduza 

Budapest, Hungary

June 2016







Problematic of the project was how to insert a hotel building in proximity to the river of Danube in the center of Budapest. Even though the riverfront of the city is one of its most charming parts stretching along the historic city center, it lacks of development and public spaces due to its intense tidal range and unpredictable level.

First step to overcome these difficulties is the insertion of a series of solid concrete volumes durable to stand against the enormous water forces. The level of the river can rise even up to 6 meters when it is flooded. The three storeys volumes are placed so that there is always a part of around 3 meters exceeding the level of the river. Accordingly, the lowest point of the hotel is below the lowest tidal level since it is 11 high.Visitors of the hotel get the experience of the river while are semi-sunk under it with a glass facade allowing them to have a view into the water. In that way the most vital part of Budapest is turned into a unique attraction for tourists and locals alike.

The entrance to the building is achieved through the three main circulation cores of the building that can be accessed from the top of the platform, thus protected from the water even in case of flood. The upper platform is shaped as a public square offering visitors of the waterfront a place to enjoy the river and the views towards the Parliament and other important landmarks of the city.

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