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SS Regeneration

A series of urban interventions in the seafront of Le Havre

Master Thesis Project

University of Thessaly

Costis Paniyiris


Le Havre, France

June 2019







SS Regeneration is an urban design proposal consisting of a series of urban interventions in the seafront of Le Havre, France. Le Havre which is also the second largest port in France, is currently facing a lot of problems and challenges that raise the question of the city’s future as well as what direction will choose to confront them.

181201_Programmatic Collage no backgroun

In order to understand these problems at a deeper level, we research the history, the significance of the port, the city’s development plans and goals for the near future. In this brief research, we will discover the ambitious approach to the matters mentioned before that Le Havre follows. This is an ambition that can be studied in relevance with the ambition we meet in most medium sized french cities on the one hand, and the one we spot in most port-cities on the other hand.

Our design proposal keeps up exactly with this multilevel ambition. Through a series of urban analysis, we define the goals, the exact location, the architectural program and finally the character of our proposal. The final project consists of a port museum, a sports center, three creative workshops, one floating square, a small market and an observatory and it stretches along the seafront of Le Havre. Even though each of these interventions functions as an independent urban entity, they all unify under a common design language ensuring the coherent character of the urban design proposal. 

Proposal's Masterplan

01. Sea Sports Center

ss regeneration plans 3.jpg
190526_All Elevations-02_0001_190526_All
13 Workshops Axo.jpg

02. Workshops

ss regeneration plans 1.jpg
190526_All Elevations-02_0003_Layer
14 Port Museum Axo.jpg

03. Le Havre Port Museum

15 Floating Plaza Axo.jpg

04. Floating Plaza

190526_All Elevations-02_0000_190526_All
16 Market and Observatory Axo.jpg

05. Market and Observatory

190526_All Elevations-02_0002_190526_All

The reconstructed historic center of the city in the unique modernist style of Auguste Perret and the special character of the city plays a significant role in the design process. In contradiction to the grandiose projects that usually ignore their urban context and character of the cities, being carried out within the speculative ambition mentioned before, SS Regeneration endeavors not only to respect the unique urban identity but incorporate it and eventually highlight it. Thus, SS Regeneration is not another mainstream extravagant urban proposal, but a ship. It is a ship sailing to its mother port, the port of Le Havre. 

37 sequence 2.jpg
38 sequence 3.jpg
39 sequence 4.jpg
40 sequence 5.jpg
41 sequence 6.jpg
42 sequence 7.jpg
43 sequence 8.jpg
44 sequence 9.jpg
45 sequence 10.jpg
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